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August 9th, 2012

Secure Folder is a tiny, easy-to-use folder security software that lets you hide, lock and encrypt folders.

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Secure Folder 




Editor's Opinion
Secure Folder sets out to help users protect folder content by using locking, hiding and encrypting techniques. Includes additional built-in functions to strengthen its original design purpose, has a minimalistic interface and is surprisingly Free. Highly Recommended !
Editor's Description
Keeping data safe and secure from prying eyes is a major concern now more then ever. Suppose you have to leave your work desk and want to prevent accidental or deliberate data deletion, restrict file accessibility; unless you log out of your Windows account or shut it down, the operating system leaves plenty to be desired in the field of security.

Most software designed to solve such problems are either expensive, cumbersome or inefficient.

What is Secure Folder ?

Security Folder is a small application that provides a simple and effective solution specifically designed to protect folders and their respective files using three modes: hide, lock and encrypt data. These methods address different needs and occasions as they can present both advantages and shortcomings.

Security analysis

Hiding data will help against the more casual user; basically if you can't see the folder, you can't access or delete it. The directory will not appear in the folder structure it is part of and cannot be searched for using conventional methods. However that works only if you have "Don't show hidden files, folders or drives" selected from the Windows Folder Options.

Locking data is a user restriction. Once you try to access the folder in question, a dialog box will warn you that no access permission is granted to the user you are logged as. While the more casual user will be discouraged to try to access them again, the more persistent ones with any knowledge of Windows permission rights, will eventually modify them and gain access to your data.

Encrypting data is a feature that will grant protection via 256-bit AES algorithm. The AES cipher, short for Advanced Encryption Standard, is represented by a number of repetitions of transformation rounds that convert the input plain text into the final output of cipher text. To break down an AES-256 block cipher requires so much time that it is considered impossible. So if someone eventually breaks it, you should not have hidden it from that person in the first place.

The great thing about Secure Folder is that it can combine these methods; this means you can hide and lock a folder, or perhaps lock and encrypt it. Should be noted that the maximum protection will be granted by turning on all three modes for your directory.

How it works

When you first run the program you are prompted to enter a password. The default one is password. Note that you can change it to one of your liking afterwards from the program's menu.

Proceed to add one or more folders you need to protect. This can be done either by using drag and drop actions, the menu or toolbar. Once the folders are displayed on the main interface, choose the appropriate modes for each. You can setup different methods of preventing access to each specific folder. If you have defined the wrong methods of protection simply mark them as Insecure and restart the process.

Secure Folder is able to store an unlimited number of folders; the status bar will provide a quick summary regarding this aspect.

You can enable shell integration into Windows Explorer and thus making it even easier to lock and unlock folders straight from the right click context menu.

Graphical User Interface

Secure Folder's interface provides more than a pleasant surprise; it is both simple and intuitive. It maintains a cool, minimalistic look without ever feeling that it lacks in functionality. Everything is within a one-click range, the folder container will also display mode settings for each particular directory added.

Secure Folder can stay on top of all other windows just by selecting TopMost and will linger unobtrusively in the system tray if minimized.

The application include support for multiple styles; it currently includes 11 colouring options, sensible enough to make Secure Folder feel like part of your Windows theme.

Other Utilities

Although it's main purpose is to secure folder content, the application also provides a set of privacy related tools as follows:

HideDrive - very much self descriptive, this will provide the ability to hide selected drives from My Computer and Windows Explorer. It simply hides icons; the drives are still accessible.

VirtualDrive - true to its name, it will allow you to map a specific folder to a drive letter.

Privacy Sweep - consists of two different tools, highly useful if you wish to hide your tracks on your computer.

System Cleaner will delete temporary file content such as Recent Documents, MRU related (Run, Open/Save dialog), clipboard, Windows Temp folder, Recycle Bin and a few others.

Secure Delete acts as a file shredder; simply setup the number or delete repetitions and drag & drop files or folders onto its window.

Recover Locked Folder - browse to the location of the locked directory and prompts you to unlock it.

Take Screenshot - will take a snapshot of the program's main interface.

Why We Recommend Secure Folder

The number of things bundled up in an application of just 400 KB is certainly impressive. Although two of the protection methods may seem faulty at first glance, the ability to combine them turns Secure Folder into a viable and most effective solution. Note that if you uninstall or remove Secure Folder, locked content will still remain inaccessible.

The additional utilities implemented work perfectly with the main purpose of the program, that is take for example the deletion of the recently opened documents list or temporary folder - no one will know which files to look for in the first place.

Secure Folder itself is password protected so you needn't worry about anyone modifying or uninstalling it.

As for the user requirements, Secure Folder targets most Windows users (supports XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7 versions as well as NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems) and only requires a .NET Framework 2.0+ version installed.

All in all, Secure Folder displays a few qualities less likely to find in many products: it's Effective in providing folder protection, Comprehensive in both interface and feature consistency, Lightweight and Free!
For more information, please watch the movie that contains installation and complete features demo
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